Documentation is the most randomly used, integral part of any school. This module provides several documents to assist the school management in their day to day paper work. This automated module ensures reliability and hassle-free work. You can choose from the templates of various types of documents provided in this module. These documents can be easily printed. You can also get a print out of a graphical representation of the document.

Main features of Documentation module are:

  • Can be readily customized
  • You will find different type of documents stored here, like Billing document, account documents, etc.
  • Detailed information about different type of office files is available in this module.
  • It also provides different types of inward documents.
  • It holds a comprehensive record of the documents dispatched from the school.
  • Several templates are provided for different type of documents for different purposes.
  • Graphic representation, header, footnotes, borders etc. can be customized and printed.
  • This module also provides Acknowledgement for any file/document.
  • This module is extremely efficient and can help manage the documentation work of any school in an easily and elegantly.
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