Teacher’s Remark web module contains the remarks given to the employees on the basis of their performance and makes this information available online. The performance is based on various parameters like teaching standard, performance of students how the students of the class performed, extra work performed, overtime work, their rapport with the students, etc. The remarks can be later analyzed and viewed, at the time of increments, suspension, rejoining after a long gap, etc. 

The features covered in this module are:

  • You can allot different Employee Remark Area for Employees
  • A record of remarks given to the Employees can be stored here.
  • It tells about the Employee Remark left.
  • You can easily view the summary of the points given to each employee.
  • It is easy to see the reports for Employee Summery Left
  • You can view and analyze the Employee’s total points report.
  • It also tells about the Employee’s total points left.
  • You can easily import all the records in Excel.
  • It also allows powerful report creation through List View.
  • You can view and analyze the summary of all the Employees’ Remark point,

       Employee- wise/ Department-wise/ Date wise.

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