SMS Server is used to send a common SMS to multiple recipients at the same time from the computer to mobile phones. The User simply needs to type the Message & then send it to the mobile phones. It is similar to the group message but it provides some additional facility, as in, the user can add respective names & personal information of the person to whom the message is sent.
It consists of two parts:-
- SMS Data Server
- SMS Server Main

SMS Data Server is used to create SMS in Design View Tab and select the data where the user wants to send it. User has four main categories to send messages with following type of data:

•   Student
•   All Student
•   Alumni Student
•   Fee Defaulters
•   Exam Performance
•   Attendance
•   Transport Timing
•   Registered Students
•   Transport- Bus Student Listing
•   Homework Report
•   Library Fine
•   Parents Birthday
•   Parents Anniversary
•   Remarks
•   Hostel Student Expenses
•   Employee
•    All Employee
•    Alumni Employee
•    Payroll
•    Selected Candidates for Interview
•    Library Fine
•    Employee Birthday
•    Employee Anniversary
•    Remarks
•    Others
•   Other Information
•   • Inquiry
•   Enquiry Information

SMS Server Main is used to maintain SMSC Number show and clear the message queue. User can also check the status of messages.

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