Inventory Module is used to maintain all the Net Stock Store wise. It can also maintain items by their Item Group, Opening Stock, Closing Stock Record, etc. This module has robust functionality for managing all your logistics processes such as stationary material, school uniform store, furniture, material used for classroom maintenance, computer peripherals, etc used in school. Inventory module improves decision making, cash flows and ensures visibility. You can easily track the quantity and value of all your material and save a lot of time and labor.

Salient features of this module are:

  • There are two types of Stores with their full details like address, phone no, E-Mail, Fax.
  1. Main Store
  2. Department Store
  • Item can be maintained with their Item Group, under the categories: Consumable or Non Consumable.
  • It also maintains Item Unit, its Purchase Rate, Tax Details, etc.
  • Maintains Opening stock for every Store individually.
  • Requisition is maintained Store wise.
  • Also holds information of the Purchase Order, Store wise with their details like Requisition No. by which the order will be generated, Purchase Order No., Order Date, Vendor Name, etc.
  • Delivery Memo is maintained Store wise,  either by:-
  1. Purchase Order or
  2. Requisition
  • Order Number, Delivery memo Number, Delivery memo date, Bill number, Bill date, Vendor, Tax & Discount details for each Item is individually maintained here.
  • Bill Passing is used to clear Bill Payments- Delivery Memo wise with all their details like, Payment Mode, Bill Number, Bill Date, Cr Days, Due Date, Check Number, Date, Item’s tax, discount Details Item wise etc.
  • Maintaining Purchase Return Store wise with their details like: Return Date,
  1. Item Details etc.
  • Facility to issue items, Department wise.
  • Keeps a record of Department issued return item.
  • Maintains Employee Issue Item Details and Employee Issue Return Item Details.
  • It has the facility to export any file to Excel file.
  • Also facilitates dynamic report creation through List View.

Various reports also available in this module are:

  • Item details report.
  • Purchase Items report.
  • Department issue report
  • Employee Issue report.
  • Purchase returns report.
  • Department issue returns report.
  • Employee Issue returns report.
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