This module of COM School Management delivers a gamut of options for the examinations held in school. It is uniquely created to meet the needs of students, parents, teachers and the community. This module is a breakthrough in assessment scheme as it ensures 100% flexibility and reliability. The main highlights of this module are:

  • Flexibility in Assessment of examination for in-house students and outside students.
  • Planning the examination class wise/term wise/chapter wise/question wise.
  • Providing various types of remarks according to their performances.
  • Holds detailed information about the outside students of other schools/colleges.
  • Complete details and options of various term schedules are also available here.
  • In depth knowledge on particular subject are available in this module.
  • A variety of topics are provided for the benefit of students and teachers.
  • A question bank is also provided for framing questions for the assessment.
  • There are suggestions for the remarks that can be given to the students on the basis of their performance in school.
  • You will find templates of printable assessment sheets in this module which will help you save time and energy in designing the assessment sheets.



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