This module is an easy way to maintain the e-Records of the school. It will enable smart management decision making, as analysis and review of the impact of all decisions is possible. E-Records module provides secure, internet accessible storage for critical documents. The search criteria are customizable to meet individual needs

Key points of this module are: 

  • It is flexible and helps to create the records needed in the normal course of school management.
  • It retains the records needed as essential evidence and gets rid of obsolete or records that are not required. It is easy to delete existing e-records that are not required. This helps in keeping the record organized and clutter- free.
  • The e-Record Student’s detail helps to facilitate in:
  • Capturing the photograph of the candidates directly.
  • Replacing existing records.
  • Taking new picture with the help of browser.
  • The e-Record Employee details file in this module contains details about employees like ID Name, Designation, etc. The employee picture can also be directly captured through web cam and stored for later reference.
  • This module has a comprehensive e-record of Students, Students List, Employees and Employees’ List.
  • It stores all its records, safely and securely.
  • This module is cost effective and supports retention, access and archival preservation where applicable.
  • Its records system provide effective and efficient retrieval and access to records.

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