Attendance Module is a well developed module and is fully integrated with this software.This module provides flexibility, registers the presence of employees and students and records their absenteeism. In other words, it is the Attendance register of the school, meant for teachers and students.

Main features of Attendance module are:

- Class Teacher Master, which provides facility to view and maintain or assign a class teacher   to a class.
- You  can maintain Holiday profile, wherein you can
-Assign a holiday for a particular date to session calendar.
-Highlight a holiday with a colour of your choice, on the calendar.     
Employee Parameter facilitates flexibility to keep a record of daily information of the employees. It includes

Half day count
Over Time
Weekly holiday and
Many more......

The Holiday Details section provides:
-The facility to view and manage holidays and their details based on class and section.
-Contains description and other different details like weekday, etc.
-Provides facility to print academic session calendar.

  • Employee Holiday Profile in this module provides the facility to view and manage holidays for Faculty members.
  • It maintains and keeps a record of the total attendance of the faculty.
  • Contains detailed information about employee’s holiday along with Description, Date, weekday etc.
  • The Views and Analysis section in this module provides Information and allows flexibility in viewing the records of student and employee absentees.
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