Creating Timetables can be a tedious task. It can be very confusing and frustrating at times. Our Auto Timetable Creation software promises to ease this burden and provide you with automatically optimal and affordable timetables, primarily for schools and universities, on the Internet. This enables customers to distribute the administrative work and delegate the task of the creation of timetables to us completely. The schools will outsource and we will create timetable for all classes, for the school.

While creating the timetable, all the subjects, the class for which the timetable has to be prepared, the time allotted for each period, zero periods, activity periods, etc will be kept under consideration.

The following reports can be generated and printed:

  • Summary timetable for classes
  • Summary timetable for teachers
  • Summary timetable for rooms
  • Class wise time table
  • Teacher wise time table
  • All classes assigned to a teacher ( no. of periods per week bifurcations )
  • Class wise teachers and subject reports
  • Free teacher availability for substitution day wise , period wise
  • Room wise time table
  • Total number of periods subject wise

………...and the list is endless as per your requirements 

Our software will help you to organize the timetables in a more smooth and effective manner.  We promise optimal solutions within minutes. We assure 100% reliability and high adaptability, to meet all our customer demands, at very competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is and will remain our prime concern.

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