Bar code scanner hardware is an electronic device that detects the barcodes and interprets them. A barcode scanner consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. All the contents of barcode can be easily read by the barcode scanner.

The Barcode scanner is an extremely useful device. Users can install a stationary scanner or use a hand held one. The stationary scanner can be installed in the classrooms, which will help in taking the attendance of the students, generating information about the students. Its utility proves remarkable in the school library too. The codes on the books reveal a lot of information about the author, price, edition, publication, subject, etc of the book available in the library. Information about the date of issue of book, date of book issued to which student/employee can also be tracked by reading the barcodes through barcode scanner. Reading identity cards, uniform codes, stationary, canteen, etc can all be managed through barcodes, and read with the help of a barcode scanner.

We shall provide you with the device and also explain the working of this product. We aim at bringing technology to Schools. Please feel free to contact us whenever needed. We shall be at your service for any assistance needed regarding any of our modules or devices.

  • IT Movies: DVD/VHS movie catalogs
  • Music: CD catalogs, play MP3 when scanned
  • Book catalogs
  • Groceries, nutrition information, making shopping lists when the last of an item is used, etc.
  • Personal Property inventory (for insurance and other purposes)
  • Calling cards: 2D barcodes can store contact information for importing.
  • Brick and mortar shopping: Portable scanners can be used to record items of interest for looking up online at home.
  • Coupon management: weeding expired coupons.
  • Personal finance. Receipts can be tagged with a barcode label and the barcode scanned into personal finance software when entering. Later, scanned receipt images can then be automatically associated with the appropriate entries. Later, the bar codes can be used to rapidly weed out paper copies not required to be retained for tax or asset inventory purposes.
  • If retailers put barcodes on receipts that allowed downloading an electronic copy or encoded the entire receipt in a 2D barcode, consumers could easily import data into personal finance, property inventory, and grocery management software. Receipts scanned on a scanner could be automatically identified and associated with the appropriate entries in finance and property inventory software

    For attendance , for library, store

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