Com School Management Consultancy provides easy-to-use barcode software that can quickly and easily design and create barcodes for use as product barcode labels, inventory labels, product scan sheets or other printed barcode labels. The bar code holds, hidden, in depth information of the school students/ employees, the library books, stationery items, uniforms, etc. can be coded and detailed information of the product can be accessed as and when required.

This module can make all the cumbersome task of the school easy. You can take attendance, access the library, and get the books issued. Stationery items information, like the price of the product, name of the company etc are hidden in these codes. The school uniforms are coded and the barcode carries the information like, the price of the product, size, name of the school, name of the company making the uniforms, etc.

The barcode system ensures optimal security.  Barcode system saves time, paper and labour. One can systematically organize most of the activities of school through barcode with suavity.

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