Little gestures make a big difference and to help bring a smile to those associated to you, we have created the software called “Birthday Informer.” This software stores the birth and anniversary dates of all the students/staff/employees of the school.

The user can input the date of birth of all students, teachers and other employees. The information is stored and reminders can be set. You can set reminders, like how many days in advance do you wish to be notified about anyone’s birthday or anniversary, etc.

The moment you log in to your computer complete information about the student/teacher’s birthday or anniversary is displayed on your computer screen. The dates can be edited, if typed wrongly. You can also create a group of students, teachers or friends and set a customized message and automatically send the same message to each student. The user can even attach an e-card or picture to the birthday/anniversary message, etc.

So no more worry about remembering all the days, let our software do it all or you. What wonderful way to show that you care! All you need to do is, act smart and enjoy the piece of cake by wishing your friends, just in time with the help of our Birthday Reminder module.

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