Is your child travelling safe to school? Why is the school bus late? Did the bus change its route? These are some of the questions that arise in the minds of a parent while sending the child to school by the school bus. We have specifically designed this software to answer all your problems and keep you tension free.

This software is of great help to all the students/teachers/ management /parents. You can easily check the location of the bus with the GPS device and software installed. Com School Management Software provides the latest GPS fleet monitoring systems, top- level wireless video surveillance and seamless integrated routing software technologies at an affordable price.

The GPS system ensures security to parents and students. The parents can be intimated by a phone call to parents 5-10 minutes prior to the arrival of the school bus at their bus stop. This will reduce the waiting time and will also keep a check on the kidnappers as parents can be at the stop in advance. The parents can also check online, the status and see every minute location of the bus.

With this software you can keep track of the amount of distance travelled by the school vehicles per day, the cost incurred on maintenance, etc. You can ensure route compliance and also view the mileage by day, week, month, or year in printable reports or export to Excel.

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