Certificate Builder module has been designed to create any type of Certificates within seconds. It is extremely handy while issuing certificates to internal and external students in activities like Games, Extra Curricular activities, etc. This module can be combined with other modules of the software.

Other benefits of this module are:

  • It provides relevant information pertaining to certificates given to the external students.
  • Includes all information about external students like student’s name, game id, result, competition name, scoring position etc.
  • It instantly builds a certificate for any occasion or reason you input and leaves you tension free.
  • A record of outside employees with their personal and professional details can also be maintained in this module.
  • All the information is secured with a password and accessible only to registered users.
  • You can easily print any number of certificates with the school’s name, motto, emblem or whatever designing you desire.
  • This module is user friendly and saves time and labour and  cuts on wastage of paper.


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