Contact Information module is a critical component of COM School Management Software. You can generate the data of every entry recorded, of every student, teacher, employee, visitors etc. This is a smart module and is helpful while performing a search, any information stored is easily accessible. A single click of a button, users can drill down to a full range of details on a student, teacher, employee and visitors:

          Main features of this module are:

  • It keeps a record of census and family data, including parent names, phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information.
  • Holds detailed account of number of visits and number of unique visitors.
  • Keywords and search engines help in finding the information of any contact within seconds.
  • Contains enrollment, including school, homeroom, teacher, grade level and counselor.
  • You can also view the information of Student’s history, as in, the name of the previous school, he/she was studying in, the year, etc.
  • It also provides flexibility for remarks.
  • It has a special feature which enable you to Export the information into Excel File.

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