User Rights Allotment is a special security feature in COM School Management Software that helps in allotting rights for all the modules. The users can be restricted as per the requirement for any module and all possible reports.

The rights can be further divided into four categories- read, write, modify and delete, where you can allot certain rights to the visitors or members.  Some modules can be accessible to certain employees whereas others only to students or to the management, etc. The rights can be allotted and applied to any form, module or report. This module can prove very helpful in keeping a check on the users.

  It respects everyone’s privacy and you can easily arrange all the information systematically.  Here you can allot the rights for everything. You can allot the rights class-wise, student-wise, subject-wise, employee- wise, teacher-wise etc.

This module is flexible and is 100% customizable. It is a must-have module which will prove very helpful and integrate well with all other modules of our software.

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