Encyclopedia is an easy-to-use reference tool found in all records. Encyclopedia module may be in one volume and have a very specific topic as its subject, or it may have multiple features that cover a wide variety of topics. The Encyclopedia module is comprehensive, maintains in depth knowledge of the subject and is easily accessible. We can maintain many types of records in Encyclopedia.

Features of this module:

  • It offers facility to create dynamic fields to hold a lot of information.
  • You can maintain information like: Name, company, job title, address, phone, e-mail, bank a/c no, etc. 
  • It maintains product information like: Item name, type, category, location, price, manufacturer, etc.
  • All the relevant information about the family is also stored here.
  • You can also view and analyze the information about office items, like,  Item, type, Description, Cupboards, Table, Self, Rack, Location, etc.
  • It also contains the information about co-curricular activity.
  • There is special facility to contain large sized photos.
  •  You can also export the information to Excel file.
  • This module offers the facility to export to PDF file.
  • You can create much more dynamic reports through List View.

 Various reports are also available, for example:

  • People Information report.
  • Product details report.
  • Dignitaries Details report.
  • Family details report.     
  • Office Item information report.
  • Co- Curricular activities detail report.
  • Other Information report.
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