This is an interesting module that meticulously keeps a record of all the extra facilities provided by the school. It includes all the extra curricular activities available for the students at the school. It allows flexibility to edit the list of activities mentioned, thereby, you can also include any unique activity that you provide but is not mentioned in our module.

Salient features of the Facilities Module:
  • It enlists all the facilities provided by a school, like- Sports (name of the sports), scouting, dance, playing an instrument, Martial Arts, swimming, Gardening, cheerleading, dramatics, pottery, horse riding, etc.
  • It keeps a record of the students using these facilities, the time duration, the number of classes utilized for a particular activity, etc.
  • It also keeps a record of the teacher, who teaches the activity, his/ her performance as a teacher, remarks of the students and other details.
  •   A record of the student availing the facility is also recorded here. Her/his name, class, section,  performance, number of classes attended, remarks given by the teachers on the basis of the child’s performance, etc are all recorded here.
  • The Scholarship details are also stored in this module. A single click allows you to view the relevant details of the students who deserve scholarship and those that are being given the scholarship.
  • Student Internal assessment, remarks and warnings can be maintained and respective teachers can access them. Student performance report for the current semester and attendance can also be generated.
  • You can export the files of this module to Excel.
  • The information stored in this module is very helpful at the time of School functions, Sport’s day or any extra curricular competitions.
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