The Gate Pass module is a brief one but an important module which keeps the record of all those entering or leaving the gates of the school. It is fully automated and all the information is well secured by a password. Gate pass is an integral part of any school as it performs the activity of automated security personnel. It is the focal point of any school’s security set up.

Features of this module:

  • Registers the name, time, reason of all incoming or out-going students, staff, employees or any visitors.
  • Maintains complete record of incoming and out- going students, staff, employees or any visitor.
  • Holds details of the visitors, time of entering and leaving the school, purpose of visit, reason, remark etc.
  • Tracks the movement of all vehicles entering or leaving the school.
  • Efficiently welcomes and manages all your incoming and out-going visitors whether they are planned or not.
  • This is a reliable module which helps you to keep a check on the security of the school.
  • Easy to print gate pass for students and employees.
  • Easy to design dynamic report through List View.
  • Export facility to Excel file.
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