HRD module is an effective tool which contains the comprehensive information of the employees. This module takes care of inter personal relationships of the employee and their relationship with the management.  It also enhances the skills of the employees or the school staff which will give a boost to the overall performance of the school.

The main highlights of this module are:

  • Certain criteria can be set and the employees can be recruited according to your defined criteria.
  • Employees can be judged according to their  skills in the field of:

-English Speaking
-Blackboard Presentation
-Student Interaction, etc.

  • This module maintains all the relevant Information of the employees , like:

-   Personal Information (Name, gender, Date of Birth, Contact number, Address, etc.)
-   Academic Information
-   Work Experience details
-   Other details, like Achievements, Hobbies, Interest, etc.

  • It provides easy way to organize criteria type and criteria legends.
  • You can view the criteria type and criteria legend together.
  • It includes information for the designation purpose.
  • Also contains information on the languages known to the employees

This module also contains the HRD Interview Information:

  • It is easy to sort the applicant, category wise, for the appointment.
  • It is also an easy way to keep Criteria Description of the applicants.
  • Contains HRD Interview Applicant’s Information.
  • Keeps a record of the remarks given to the applicants when interviewed.
  • Holds all information of the Interview date and session.
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