This module is a remarkable one as it makes possible for all your students to have their individual websites. We provide you with a special wizard which helps the students to create their own website with photo gallery, statistics, socializing, email the page, print the page, etc. Students can add shopping cart, post advertisements, create classifieds, follow a group or journals etc

The website created by the students can be developed on different themes, which the students can keep developing for a very long time. They can also put their innovations, poems, creativity etc. online for millions to see.

The ambitions can be honed, made more passionate and zestful by the websites developed by all students. This module will give complete access to the virtual world and is a good way to introduce and promote the students and their area of interest. The school identity of a student can also be maintained through the website address/school domain. For example:  School/ College sub-domain can have individual addresses like,

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