This module is an essential tool in managing the school. You can maintain all inquires of the students seeking admission in the school. It manages and keeps a record of the students, parents and all the information related to the students. A follow up of every visit of the students seeking admission is also maintained in this module. It helps to plan all inquires in a better and systematic manner.

Salient features of this module:

  • It helps to maintain the inquiries of the students who apply for admission in the school.
  • Maintains class wise details of the inquiries of the students.
  • It maintains inquires under different categories and according to the session.
  • Saves ample time in gathering the details, thereby cuts excessive expenditure.
  • You can prevent loss of inquires and track every information with a single click!
  • Facility to export into Excel file.
  • Facility to create dynamic reports through List View.
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