COM School Management Software offers an immaculately designed Job site for students where they can place their resume. It is a very useful module for the students as it lays a foundation for their career. Student’s resume can be uploaded on this site. The resume can be edited if the user has a password. The resumes can be viewed by any visitor but the visitor cannot make any changes to your resume. The companies can go through your resume on this site, you can also avail the job opportunities posted on this site by the companies.

There are different categories like HRD, Marketing, Software Engineers, Hotel Industry, Publications, and many more, under which the resume can be posted. The relevant category can be selected and the jobs can be viewed. The companies can view the resume before campus interview and streamline their search for the candidates, best suited for the job. A search engine is also provided in this module. The user can input his/her preference or kind of job and browse through the search engine.

Students can upload more than one resume and also attach their important documents. They can view, analyze and compare the list of job postings and also apply for the relevant post, free of cost. This module is cost effective and proves to be a great site for searching jobs for the students.

We also provide free templates for resume. This modules works wonders if integrated with Resume Creator module.

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