The Library Management module is a user-driven and fully customizable. It is primarily designed for libraries; the system's purpose is to reduce information overloaded by allowing students or teachers to select any amount of information desired for their personal pages.

There is an array of features provided in this module. They are as listed below:

  • There are book categories for different books on different subjects.
  • The member type can be set for membership, wherein the student can enroll his/her name as the member of the library.
  • Advance search can be done on different types of criteria, while searching for books, magazines, journals, articles, newspapers etc.
  • Dynamic fields are provided for adding more details of the books.
  • The Book creation segment maintains details like cost, author, book title, year of publication, etc.
  • It also maintains the Date of the Book Issued, Book Returned details and Renewal of the books.
  • This module also contains Fine Slips for late submission of fees.
  • Keeps a record of books allotted to students of different classes and also the employees.
  • Keeps a check on maximum books issued per student/employee.
  • Keeps a record of book maintenance, condition of the book before being issued and condition after the book was returned, along with the name of student/employee who got the book issued.
  • It maintains information under the field names like, Accession number type, Fine master, Book Master, Library field Master, etc.
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