The Message module acts as an interface between the users and helps in passing messages to and fro. Through this module we can read messages posted by another user to the login user. Login user can view only her/ his messages. These messages can be viewed only by the recipient to whom the message is sent. These messages can be archived and are accessible by your unique User name and password.

 Salient Features of this module are:

  • The messages can be composed and sent to the user(s) through the Outbox.
  • All the messages received, read or unread are displayed in the Inbox.
  • You can schedule the task you want to, like: date of task assigned by a user to another user, etc by the Task Scheduler. Here you can set a reminder for the date and time of any task to be performed.
  • There is a facility provided to make message Settings according to you, one can opt whether the message should be displayed or not the moment you login.
  • You can even customize the Reminder setting according to you and stop it as and when desired.
  • It offers the facility to export information to Excel file.
  • Facility for creating powerful reports through List View.

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