This module manages the School forum, online. Lots of similar questions are asked by the school / college which have similar answers. All such questions are posted in the forums for the visitors / parents to see.

An online question answer session can also be created and parents / students and school or visitors can respond to the questions for an interactive session or feedback

For example: Questions regarding school fee structure is usually asked by thousands of admission seekers, questions regarding books, uniforms, bus routes, activities, etc. We can put all possible questions they can think of along with their relevant answers, so as to minimize the manual answering system.

This is a very effective forum those seeking information about the school. You can input unlimited number of questions and answers in this forum. A feedback category or a new query category can be created for questions that are not covered.

Our goal is to make your site appropriately reflect the nature of your school/college. Online forum module will help the school to showcase itself better and show their skill at managing the queries and tackling the comments or feedback. This module can be well integrated with online polls module and many other modules offered by us, at an affordable price.

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