The school students can view the results online by the help of the advancing technology. COM School Management Consultancy has designed this module especially for the Schools and Colleges to publish the results online.

User of this module is required to upload the database, the results along with the date, year, name of the students, their class, subject and marks or grades assigned can be uploaded and viewed by those who have a username and password. A detailed result can be displayed online within seconds.

The results can be updated by the administrator, as and when desired. Incase the result is wrongly typed then it can be edited by the administrator. The old result pages can be archived or deleted as per the requirement. The students and parents can view the results online from anywhere provided they are connected to the internet and hold their username and password.  

This module is carefully designed and is 100% reliable and flexible. It can be customized and is easily available at a low price. This module will save the teachers from extra efforts; it will save time and improve the performance and reputation of the school.

Publish your school / college results online. Just upload the database and anyone can view the results. Just setup online results in minutes

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