The Periodical Library module manages the Subscriptions, Cataloguing, Policies, Preferences and Circulation of books in the school library. This module helps to track the receipt of all periodical issues and provides a fast and effective way to manage your subscriptions’ records. This is an excellent module that will prove helpful if you wish to archive your periodical issues. We have provided viable alternatives to cataloguing, this function makes the module very easy to handle and flexible.

The salient features of this module are:

  • It allows flexibility to set a Period for any book or periodical.
  • Holds publisher’s information with relevant details.
  • Helps in creating all the information of Book/CD and DVD issued from the school library.
  • A special category in this module helps in managing the Fine taken for late submission or non-submission of the issued books.
  • You can view the entire information of the Subscription details of any book available in the school library.
  • It maintains a record of the book/books assigned to the students/ employees.
  • It is easy to register the date of return of the book, issued from the school library by simply clicking on the tab ‘Returned’.
  •  It provides with the facility to export information in Excel file.
  • This module also helps in creating dynamic reports through List View.
  • A record of all the subscribed journals, newsletters, magazines, catalogues, etc. can be viewed and analysed thoroughly.
  • This module leverages over accuracy and reliability.

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