This is a dynamic module with some attention grabbing features. It is a fully researched module that contains innumerable questions from all the boards according to the course curriculum. This question bank holds question papers for all the classes and various subject streams. This module is extremely beneficial to the teachers and students and also to the parents.

The key highlights of this module are:

  • It makes a list of different examination boards, like CBSE, ICSE, ISC, UP, SSC, IB, etc.
  • Enlists the details of books of different boards.
  • Contains the details of chapters of different books of different boards.
  • Manages different subjects systematically.
  • It creates categories of various levels based on the nature of questions, like- Easy, Average or Difficult.
  • Questions can be created by using books contained in this module.
  • The examination paper can be prepared keeping in mind the amount of questions required, based on maximum marks/time allotted to complete the examination paper.
  • It helps to prepare the Question paper by selecting 1000 questions on a single subject randomly.
  • There are a variety of options available for choosing the question type. For example- Objective Questions, Short Questions, Long Questions.
  • The students can also find answers to all the questions mentioned in the Question bank module if the have right as username and password..
  • This is a highly secured module and can be accessed only by a user password.
  • Facility to provide question and their answer to the students for exam preparation.
  • Easy to generate question paper just in a single click.
  • Every question paper get random questions according to subject.
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