This module manages the registration and the admission process for the new students. The Registration module is fully integrated with the Accounts module. This automated module cuts on labour and paper wastage and accurately manages admissions and registrations. It is leverage over the complications arising from human errors. The records of old and new students are automatically treated differently based on the information provided. 

Main features of this module are: 

  • Registrations are made according to the seats available.
  • Keeps track of the registration number allotted.
  • It also keeps a record of the payment made at the time of registration and admission of the student.
  • It is easy to access the records of the number of students who filled the registration form and the students who sought admission in the school.
  • The student’s photograph and all details can be stored and viewed here.
  • It also keeps a record of the marks scored during admission, the documents submitted by the students, pending documents, educational background and extra qualifications of the students, etc.
  • The registration form records with detailed information of the students.
  • It can be easily combined with Accounting module to enhance the performance of school.
  • This modules makes it easy to view the list of students (Day scholars/ Hostellers) not admitted in school.
  • There is a vast database of many other records and features pertaining to registration.
  • Dynamic creation of reports through List View.
  • You can easily view the total number of registration report.
  • It also maintains a record of class-wise balance sheet.
  • It is easy to import all the records of this module in Excel.
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