This web module holds entire details of the employees working in the School/College. All the functions of this module can be performed online and information can be accessed from anywhere. This module is user friendly and easy to understand. It provides on- hand information of every employee along with his/her details.

Teacher Staff Data can input the names of employees from different departments and can categorize employees accordingly. Teacher Staff database holds the record of designation profiles of the employees. Other information of the employees can be stored in Employee Profile, which holds personal information, pay information, incentives, etc.

Reports can be maintained regarding the progress and performance of the teacher staff and these reports can be viewed and analyzed and edited as and when desired. This module ensures flexibility in viewing and analyzing different information of the employees like, Qualification, Work experience, PF, Nominee report etc. Reports can be viewed individually or wholly displaying the details of every employee. All the details and reports can be edited, secured and printed. The information can be restricted and secured according to the administrator.

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