Telephone Messaging Centre module comes extremely handy when emergency strikes or when a sudden holiday is declared at the school. There can be a lot of commotion and unrest in students, teachers and parents. The phone keeps ringing incessantly to enquire about a sudden holiday or any event, but the telephone messaging center can act smartly and help you manage all emergencies with exceptional ‘ease’.

Teachers can randomly preset the performance of every student on the phone. This feedback from the teacher can be recorded and whenever any parents dials the number assigned to the student, the messaging center automatically delivers the message to the parent.

Auto telephone call to parents in pre recorded formats for notice etc.

Messages to be delivered to the students home are generated during the school day and placed into the message center. Some of the message categories are sent by the computer automatically and some have to be initialized by the user. These messages are extracted from the PAMS message center and placed in a telephone delivery device on intervals defined by the user. These devices deliver the messages at preset time frames.

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