This module has been designed to create any type of Certificates within seconds. It is extremely handy while issuing Transfer, Character, Migration Certificate, etc. This module can be combined with other modules of the software. It takes some information & creates certificates by a single click. It contains mainly three types of certificates:

Transfer Certificate

This Certificate is used at the time of transfer of the student, to another school. The user needs to input different information like Student’s Name, Father’s Name, Fees, Admission Date, Date of Birth, Class Studied Last, Leave Date of School etc.

Character Certificate

This Certificate is given to the student according to her/his past performance. The character of a student, her/his class, date, admission number, etc. is all mentioned in this certificate. It holds a school motto, insignia, school stamp and signature of the principal, which is also required manually for verification.   

Migration Certificate

This certificate can be issued at the time of migration. It holds the date of student’s joining the school and date of leaving, school stamp, principal’s signature, date when the certificate is issued, etc. This certificate can be downloaded online. The module also has a certificate builder, wherein, the users can create new certificates, edit the templates already provided. 

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