It is important for every school to keep copies of photographs of all the students, teachers, other employees of the school, of parents and guardians. The conservative method of going to the studio and getting it clicked and then developed was too time consuming.

With time, technology replaced this time consuming process with digicams and now to make it even faster and easier we are providing the schools with a module that instantly clicks and stores the picture of the students/ teachers/ employees/ parents/ guardians etc. The pictures can be clicked with a web camera and can be directly uploaded online, in a jiffy.

These photographs can be scanned and printed when need. Details about the photographs are also stored online, like the name of the person whose photograph is displayed, date when the photograph was clicked and complete details of the person in photograph can also be stored in this module.

These pictures can easily be viewed online. They can be updated and also used in various documents. This module can easily be integrated with all other modules related to teachers, students and other employees. Web cam capture module comes extremely handy and helpful while filling up the documents. This module is a must have for every school that wants to compete with today’s world!

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